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Thread: how to solve huawei s7-101 tablet too many pattern attempts

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    Default how to solve huawei s7-101 tablet too many pattern attempts

    how to solve huawei s7-101 tablet too many pattern attempts

    This update has been confirmed to work with:
    S7-103, Indonesian version with dual cameras internal/external sdcard
    S7-104, US BestBuy/RadioShack version with dual cameras and internal/external sdcard

    Partially working:
    S7-101, Austria Mobilkom version - loses camera, GPS?
    S7-103, New Zealand - loses GPS?
    S7-105, Globe telecom Philippines
    S7-105, Australian version with dual cameras and external sdcard (loses pinch-to-zoom?)

    The installation of this update will result in loss of data. Please ensure that you have appropriate backups before you proceed.

    Please confirm your model/variant! While it is possible to revert back, flashing the wrong firmware onto your device may have risks and will result in temporary or permanent loss in functionality.

    You should try to perform a backup of the data of important applications using Titanium Backup (root) or another application. If you have Clockworkmod recovery installed, you may elect to perform a nandroid backup before proceeding. Note that the Clockworkmod recovery built for Android 2.1 does not work properly after this update is installed. You will need to first restore to a previous working Android 2.1 firmware before proceeding with the restore in that case.

    Until Huawei officially releases the update for your region, it may result in the voiding of your software warranty. Flash at your own risk.

    Download Link Android 2.2.2 for Huawei S7, S7v100R001C98B021


    MD5 checksum for : 74D031FD717D8BF68956EF3F044C8EEB

    be ware some of them are android 2.2.2 and some are 2.2.1

    Others Huawei Official firmwares (2.2) can be found here

    Australian Telstra

    Norway Telenor

    Brazil Commex

    Sweden Expert

    Adobe Flash APK not pre-installed optional here it is Adobe Flash Player 10.1

    Update install process:

    1. unrar the file, and copy the 'dload' folder to the root directory of a sufficiently large external SDcard formatted to FAT/FAT32 (readable by the S7)
    SDcard contents should be like this :
    2. turn off the unit, and ensure that you are either plugged in with a battery inside the unit, or that you have enough charge left in your battery
    3. turn on, and a progress bar will appear in the middle of the screen. Wait until "OK" is displayed on the screen.
    4. turn off the unit by removing the battery and any powerplugs to the S7
    5. repeat steps 2,3,4 again. otherwise it will hang at boot screen (instructed by Huawei)
    6. Remove the SD card and start the device. If you wish the use the card for the device, remove the firmware files from the SD card before reinserting it.

    If the update fails to install, check that your file was properly moved into the SDcard by comparing the MD5 checksum.

    The overall process should take less than 15 minutes to complete.

    Q & A for common problems

    Q. Why upgrade fails? it will not flash new ROM, but boot the tablet normally to old ROM.
    A. - If you have SD card formatted using android, format it again using Windows system
    - If you have rename the "dload" folder using android, rename the "dload" folder using Windows system.

    Root after update:

    Use SuperOneClick with the default psneuter method. You will need to enable Android

    debugging mode on the device itself and install appropriate drivers for adb (Android

    debugging bridge.

    Root for official Huawei S7 Android 2.2 Builds

    Huwaei is shipping the updates with 2.2.2.

    This effectively eliminates previous methods to root the device (z4root)

    Huawei has yet to put up the GPL kernel sources.

    It should theoretically still work with psneuter on Superoneclick.

    You will need to enable debugging mode on the device, and plug in the S7 via USB. Then you will need to reinstall the USB S7 driver.

    then you flash this

    1. Copy Ideos S7 Froyo[/B] v1.0 Stable[/URL] to INTERNAL sd card

    2. Wipe/Data Factory Reset

    3. flash with Clockworkmod


    Apps2sd Instructions:

    Ext Partition MUST be on the internal SD card formatted as ext4 as a primary partition after your fat32 partition. Use easeus partition manager.

    Some apps and games like Angry Birds or Pocket Legends install to the sd card right

    from the market.

    this bypasses the roms a2sd and uses froyo's which we all know eventually fills up


    So what you have to do is:

    Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>SD card

    Move all listed back to tablet. Reboot.

    Hope that you slove that problem if you have or you need to unbreak it I will post

    instruction for unbreak s7

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