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Thread: Important note about Dead Boot HTC Desire HD 1,5G

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    Default Important note about Dead Boot HTC Desire HD 1,5G

    Important note about Dead Boot HTC Desire HD 1,5G
    Important note about Dead Boot HTC Desire HD 1,5G

    Hello Guys ,
    I got one HTC DESIRE HD some days ago before this post .
    Phone goes Completely dead after low Battery .
    now nothing more: Not on to Bootloader Mode , not dectected by Pc .
    that mean Bootloader is dead . first reflex sure everyone will say Jtag solution . yes you are not wrong , only Jtag can help . but for this one at this time . I think not Jtag box that we usualy use for repair boot can solve it yet . ( correct if wrong )

    in my case I have Ort Jtag box .wich couldn't solved I get Density=0 with ORT. some said that Density=0 was HArdware fault . I can confirm hardware is 100% innocent . I tried old ORT JTAG ( 1.66/1.70/1.71 ) version on different windows Version result 0% .

    so I thought to go somewhere to take information about this Phone Boot .
    I was in two differents box forum : Riff & Medusa .
    In Riff box Section waaoow !! many body have this same problem but none couldn't solved , box make Resurection job complete but Phone keep dead .
    cause : error in Boot file it seem that the boot file is for inspire that why it stuck dead after job . ( Riff dev can give much details )

    to Medusa : there I got a little confident in one post where I seen body say to have repaired his Htc Desire HD with Medusa . it's great if yes . but I seen too most of post where body occured error while repair operation handset keep dead . under waiting trust test report .

    it will be best if box software dev make beta test before released Update .
    yes you all want to leak world first solution , that is nice , but sometime late out but best is good if it work correctly
    that will help them to improve software . good you make update but better if update work correctly as you show in update .


    No one beetwen these 3 box support 100% Desire HD Bootloader yet .
    so be prudent when you ugrade HD rom otherwise = buy new phone lol!
    read all tuto before start your rom/radio upgrade or Downgrade .

    waiting Box software Developer Feedback come clear this sujet

    Original source : HTC Desire HD

    Encounter the same problem
    Than two days has been updated to resolve the problem riffbox
    Please note that I repaired it using inspire 4g but does not support the network (at&t)

    now the mobile is dead i am testing repair samsung i9001 (the same CPU)

    now no connect the boxs

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