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Thread: Programming instructions for Samsung D700 (Epic 4G)

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    Default Programming instructions for Samsung D700 (Epic 4G)

    How to program Samsung D700 (Epic 4G)

    Programming Instructions

    1. Power on the phone
    2. Enter ##000000#
    3. Select edit mode and enter 000000
    4. Type in your 10 digit MDN number and hit enter
    5. Type in your 10 digit MIN number
    6. Now just keep hitting enter until the phone exits the programming menu and reboots on its own

    Diagnostic Mode

    1. Click the MENU button
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Wireless Controls
    4. Enable Dial up Networking

    Samsung Epic 2.2 or higher

    1. Bring up the dial pad and enter ##8778#
    2. You should have 2 different options on the screen
    3. Select MODEM for both options
    4. Phone is now on diag mode

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