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Thread: Secret Code Blackberry, Blackberry Master Reset

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    Default Secret Code Blackberry, Blackberry Master Reset

    Secret Code Blackberry, Blackberry Master Reset

    Same as another smart handphone, Blackberry have many code that
    used for reset, restart blackberry without release battery, format memory
    blackberry, multitasking, etc. Many codes are :
    Left SHIFT + Right ALT + DEL : master reset Blackberry, Press &
    Hold them until LCD swithed off and red blinking LED. Remember,
    all your data in the phone will be lost..
    ALT + Right SHIFT + DEL : Restart blackberry without release the
    battery, that functioned t refresh memory or to configure after
    installing an application.
    On home screen, press ALT and follow ‘LGLG‘, event log displayed.
    After that step you can press HOME and choose CLEAR LOG. This
    code fonctioned to clear Log.
    Same as your PC, you can jump to the other application. ALT + TAB n your PC, on Blackberry press ALT
    + ESC.
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    (( IMEI : 355284.04.426884.6 )).-- (( MEP : -09070-001))Thanks bud (:

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