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Thread: ***Gsm Finder PC ver2.3.2 (ONE CLICK-Vibrator ON/OFF) ***

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    Default ***Gsm Finder PC ver2.3.2 (ONE CLICK-Vibrator ON/OFF) ***

    Gsm Finder PC ver2.3.2 (ONE CLICK-Vibrator ON/OFF)

    FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

    Added in  Nk tool:
    DCT4 TAB:
    Vibrator ON/OFF (Fbus)                  
    Changes Made:
    Online calculator bug fixed

    Code tool:
    Offline code calculator;
    ZTE : 31 models supported          -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Huawei modem: 39 models supported  -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Alcatel: 32 models                 -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Online code calculator;
    Alcatel: 295 models with 31000+PIDS-(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
    Zte :110 models                    -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
    Huawei:71 models                   -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits) 
    Amoi:2 models                      -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
    BIOS Series:16 series              -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
    Finder tool:
    IC compatibility: 13 types        -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Lcd compatibility : 830 types     -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    cables compatibility: 2038 types  -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Battery compatibility: 1196 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    ASIC compatibility: 112 types     -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Flex compatibility: 629 types     -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    TACFAC brand & model: 26921       -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Help codes                        -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Berry tool:
    Unlock by mep :254 mep supported  -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
    Unlock by prd :8475 prd supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
    Readinfo                          -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Factory setting reset             -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Engineering screen code calculator-(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Nk tool: 
    (USB)Read BCM Unique ID              - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus)Sl1,SL2,SL3 SD Repair          - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)    
    (Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Simlock RPL            - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Generate Nck code      - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (No cable)SL3 NCK Calculator(AfterBF)- (PC/DONGLE-no credits)     
    (Fbus&USB)Read PM(from-to address)   - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Write PM(from-to address)  - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Read full PM               - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus&USB)Read PM 120                - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus&USB)Read PM 308                - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus)Read Ask                       - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Write rpl                  - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Counter reset (rapido)     - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus)CHK                            - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Send NCK KEYB              - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus&USB)Send NCK F-bus             - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)   
    (Fbus&USB)Reset security code        - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Read security code         - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus&USB)Set full factory defaults  - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus&USB)Reset Life timer           - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus)Read PM(from-to address)       - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus)write PM(from-to address)      - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus)Read full PM                   - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus)Read PM 120                    - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    (Fbus)Read PM 208                    - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)    
    (Fbus)Reset security code            - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (No cable)Generate mastercode DCT4   - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (No cable)Calculate Unlock code      - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus)Write SL rpl DCT4++            - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    (Fbus)Vibrator ON/OFF                - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)New
    (Fbus)Unlock RSA  DCT4++             - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
    (No cable)DCT4 IMEI RPL              - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
    BB5 & DCT4;
    (Fbus&USB)Scan                       - (PC/DONGLE-no credits) 
    Cdma tool:
    Createunlock file  - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    ZTE:1 model
    Spunlock           - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Readinfo           - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
    Support tool : 
    Login for flashfiles 
    Login for Credits
    Distributer and Resseller list 
    Credits& activations : 
    Tab where user can see the status of activations and help     
    Supported interface : 

    Gsm Finder Dongle Ready -> Reseller Welcome

    Download Link
    Mirror 20 Download Link

    Official Web: GSM Finder | Now is better
    Official Forum: GSM-extreme Forum - Powered By Gsm-extreme Member

    Reseller Welcome Get 100 PCS For 1750 USD Free Shipping World Wide Contact Us: 100.1578033

    Gsm Finder Team

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